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“In this Universe, it is love that binds everything together.”

In our lives, we are guilty of living without boundaries – we overwork ourselves to the point of burnout, try to please everyone, we battle with money, be in a toxic relationship – all of those who would leave us broken.

Boundaries help us recognize our own needs. Creating healthy boundaries means that you take responsibility for yourself, your time, your feelings, your energy.

From that time one, we have always wanted to be instrumental in helping people learn heal themselves. Heal by means of tuning into yourselves – experience depth and sense of meaning as you connect with your body, intuition, compassion and empathy.

 Everything That Binds is an advocate of Self-love. It is about cultivating a loving and healthy relationship with yourselves and become your own best friend. It is about getting in touch with yourselves, your well-being and your happiness.

 Everything That Binds EYE PILLOW

 One way to practice the art of self-love is to pamper yourself. As part of your self-love routine, do things that make you feel great that relaxes you. Why not celebrate all the little, everyday accomplishments with a treat every now and then? Indulge in a little pampering at home.

 This EBT eye pillow is comfortable, multifunctional and aromatherapeutic.

 Indulge your precious eyes a spa day after a long day at work. The EBT eye pillow rests over your eyes while exerting gentle pressure. The combination of organic FLAX SEEDS, organic LAVENDER buds with generous drops of a premium brand of LAVENDER Essential oil will genuinely help relax you and comfort you.

** Each collection is made in small batches to ensure freshness. Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources. The position of pattern/design may slightly different from what you see. 

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