Essential Oils Desk Reference - 7th Edition
Essential Oils Desk Reference - 7th Edition

Essential Oils Desk Reference - 7th Edition

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The Essential Oils Desk Reference is divided into six main sections for clarity and user-friendliness. Due to the immense amount of information contained within the book, each section is categorized by a corresponding color within the section guide. This color tabbing continues throughout the book allowing each section to be immediately identifiable and quickly located.
Section 1: Introduction
  • A Brief History of Essential Oils and Their Place in Modern Medicine
  • A Breakdown of the Chemistry of Essential Oils and Effects
  • How to Safely Use Essential oils
Section 2: Products
  • Single Essential Oils and Their Application Codes
  • Essential Oil Blends and Their Application Codes
  • Nutritional References and Supplements
  • Ningxia Wolfberry
  • Personal Care
  • Essential Oils and Nutrition for Children
  • Essential Oils Use in the Home
  • Animal Care with Essential Oils
Section 3: Application
  • Neuro Auricular Technique
  • Lymphatic Pump
  • Vita Flex Technique
  • Raindrop Technique
Section 4: Special Issues
  • Mental and Emotional Rejuvenation and Support
  • Aging, Antioxidants, Alkalinity, Cleansing and Diet
  • Enzymes, Minerals and Water
Section 5: Personal Usage
  • Getting Started with Essential Oils
  • Quick Usage Guide
  • Taking Charge of Your Health
Section 6: Appendix
  • Appendix, Bibliography and Index

Pages: 646
Size: 10” x 11” spiral bound