The Chemical Free HOME 2
The Chemical Free HOME 2

The Chemical Free HOME 2

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Traditional cleaning products contain chemicals that can wreak havoc on cellular health, mental clarity and the respiratory system.  Learn how to avoid introducing these harmful chemicals in your house with “The Chemical Free Home, Part 2” booklet.  In this second installment, Melissa Poepping provides an additional 52 DIY recipes to help make your home a safer, healthier place. Combined with companion booklet “The Chemical Free Home, Part 1” that’s over 70 recipes for everyday household items – these are simple and savvy recipes for beauty, cleansing, health and home products.  Also included in this guide are nifty tips to make going green a breeze! Cleanse your home today of harmful chemicals and embrace a healthier environment with “The Chemical Free Home, Part 2”.    

 Overview of Topics:

  • Diffusing for a Reason
  • Diffusing for a Season
  • Diffusers 101
  • Base Oils 101
  • Chemical Awareness
  • Ingredient List 102
    • Knock Knock Hardwood Floor Cleaner
    • Sweet Mother of Wood Polish
    • Sink, Tile and Tub Grub Scrub
    • Oooooo, Girl! Bling Cleaner
    • Now I Lay Me…Mattress Cleaner
    • Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite
    • Tick and Bug Off Ultimate Spray
    • Oops, I Did it again First Aid Spray
    • Hands Down! Foaming Hand Soap
    • Swimmer, Diver and Puddle Jumper Ears
    • Ingredient Savvy Diva Hair
    • My Dirty Little Secret Hair Spritz
    • Shampoo Spike
    • Go Grow Diva Lashes
    • Crazy Sweet Nail Serum
    • Not so Athletic Foot Powder
    • Itsy Bitsy Bikini Aftershave Care
    • Smooth and Sexy Leg Rub
    • Ingredient Savvy Beauty Serum
    • Boswellia Facial Scrub
    • Take that, Cinderella
    • Melissa’s Daily Oil Routine
    • Melissa’s Nightly Oil Routine
    • Melissa’s Monthly Oil Routine
    • Don’t Say It, Spray It
    • Quick Fix in a Stick
    • Now We’re Cookin’
    • My Favorite Lotion
    • Dog Ear Cleaner and Ear Odor Preventer
    • Animal Scents Ointment Uses
    • References

Author: Melissa M. Poepping, CNHP

Pages: 29
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